How to glue Ornaments for Cutty Sark and Thermopylae

Description of use:
First Clean ornament with an alcohol cleaner and spray it by gold paint.  Pay attention to spray a very fine layer. Then paint relevant spots by blue color and by mat black color paint fine sticks, which holds a letters of name of ship. 
Then cut ornament from a plate the best is, by scalpel. Try placing of these parts on relevant place on model. Unstick transfer foil from paper which you have in plastic bag. Put ornament on paper from transfer foil and spread gel superglue on the back of side of ornament. Then put ornament on sticky side of the transfer foil for easier manipulation. Finally with a help of transfer foil to glue ornament on its place.
If you have a question, write me. I believe, that you understand my English.

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