Ahoy, fans of historic ship models

Have a fun, get more information and buy kits and accessories 

Catalog contains about 180 ship and sailboat kits and plenty of accessories.


What awaits us in  2017?

- will end of a this pages! 

But do not worry! I really am working on the new, better website for all of you.
Pages will go under the announced new name www.hismodel.com and already now you can subscribe under this address. I Preparing a new beautiful website, with the classic e-shop, fully Czech / English contents. Therefore, if you fancy someone help me with converting web content and enhancements, please check HERE for more information.
At the same time I will extend the offer to which they belong promised gun carriages. Some dimensions are longer in the prototype stage.
I wish you all a successful year 2017 and many beautiful models. 


Welcome all fans of models especially historic ship modelers. This site offers you historic ship models kits and information about them since autumn 2009. Now you can find here about 180 kits. I introduce new kits and accessories e.g. CNC blocks, cannons and ropes gradually.
Thank you for your interest! I hope that visit of this site will be inspiring and entertaining for you even in the future


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