Cutty Sark


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Producer : Revell
Scale: 1: 96

Size of kit: 92 cm (L)
Plan of ship HERE
History on Wikipedia HERE
Condition of kit: new or as new (at stock I have several kits)

You can download the original plans of riggings, with the recommended CNC wood blocks Here:
Plans 1-6
Offer complete accessories in document WORD - (August 2017 update) - Set of CNC wooden blockss, Photo-etched accessories, a sails sewing on CNC machines, flags, Laser cut wood deck HERE and many others ..
Table for easy calculation of the XCEL document price
Photos of blocks on Cutty Sark  - ZIP

Cutty Sark and The Day of Sail
is a little book, which describe history of ship and also common day on the deck. HERE you can read this book in PDF.

HERE you can see official site of this boat, which at anchor in the docks in Greenwich.

Kit contains: plastic parts, plans, plastic ladders (almost thin as thread), flags, thread, stickers of hull decorations, threads and figurines (20 crewmen). This kit is sometimes produced in version in which the lower part of hull, where were copper plates, is “presprayed” by bronze colour.

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