Here you will find information on what's new on the website was published chronologically over them

16. August 2017

After a long time I finally finished the decks on models CSS Alabama and USS Kearsarge. Photos will soon be added as well.

2. May 2017

I'm starting to sell a Cutty Sark - a new kit - a reeditions of model of the Revell. In addition, you will get the accessories at a discounted price, including the originals plans of nrigging with offer my CNC wood blocks!!  As well as is in other models.

 28. April 2017

I've added a few kinds of new goods, especially sails. But also a new product - decal Draft scale. You can find it in the Accessory - other.
And other - near is the time, when I will a running the new web !!

8. January 20017

In photogalery is new page with model of HMS Victory from Marko

7. January 20017

First info about Czech Champions of models 2017 Here

30.December 2016

Looking for colleagues:

1) for the building of models for the promotion - I offers model and accessories, about whose presentation I'm interested for a subsidized price. I want cooperation at photos and on presentation and promotion.
2) for prepare a new website - working on a deal - a colleague who could help with presentation and promotion my website and goods on international website for modelers or other.
Details via my e-mail

30.December 2016

I'm added several new products, several sets of sails, Brass of column railing and especially brass blocks in Accessory Blocks menu, (scroll down on page)

27.December 2016

I'm added excellent photos wood decks HMS Victory from Marko from Croatia

10. December 2016

Among the wooden decks added several new decks. They are decks on ships of Columbus Fleet from Heller, Spanish Galleon from Revell and Sea Witch / Swordfish from Marx model.

10. November 2016

In Other accessories I'm added new product - Amati Nail lenght/diameter 10/0,5mm, pack 150pcs

31. Octoberb 2016

I'm added new page with information about wood decks for ship of Columbus flot - Santa Maria, Nina and Pinta

27. Octobet 2016

Today I'm added next items from RB Model Brass of culomn railing HERE on below of page, before Capstan

14. October 2016

The provider web host abolished the capability to download books. Apparently he overloads communication link excessive downloads. Therefore, if you have a  interested in a book, send me email on my address . I'll send it over some web storage.

17. September 2016

After a long time adding significant adjustments that are worth description. After a few years I sold photo-etched eyes, so I had to make new. Added diameter of 1.0 mm, but unfortunately changed a prices, too.

I became an authorized dealer of Polish firm RB Model, which produces high quality CNC products not only for ship modelers. At me, ordering all their product range at their a list price. At me list price added cannon barrels, Capstan, and a few other goods that I have in stock.

11. Februar 2016

Added two new wood-veneer deck for Soleil Royal and Robert E. Lee

11. Februar 2016

Added two new products - etchings of eye and hooks with use the handle to stick to a block. It can see RSM21 products and RSM22

10. Februar 2016

Among the books were added two books about Clipprech

 31. December 2015

in The sale comes a new blocks 1/2 and 2/2 mm, also made by the new CNC technology, so the quality will be better

 29. December 2015

I did one List of kits, let do not have to do actualisation in two tables.

In new List are kits which description is translated marked: Producer - Red.
In new list are many kits, which I have on stock and not have description. His price and conditions on request.

19. November 2015

In Photpgalery are new excellent kits of Croatia modeler Mark, kits Cutty Sark and U.S.S. Constitution

19. Septembet

The offer I have new produced CNC Sheed and Violinové blocks, which will now be in 6,8,10 and 12mm dimensions. Quality, thanks to a new, different way of CNC milling again increased significantly, particularly for Sheed blocks. Until out of stock Violinových blocks, these blocks still in the old 9 and 11 mm dimensions.

6. September 2015

Started selling new product - Veneer deck. Look at it!

15. Jul 2015

During the work on the new website I had made some news from etchings. Hanks are already on sale, Parral will for about 14 days. See Accessories other - News

16. May 2015

I must announce unpleasant news, are a more expensive all CNC blocks due to the significant increase in price from the suppliers of the products. Please note, that is not the current bid price of the accessories in the menus, that are attached to individual models. Prices are valid according to new calculations.
I believe, that next time I'll have better news.

10. April 2015 Thanks my friend modeler, I was alerted to the clip broadcast by Czech Television. Look at the effectiveness of replica guns of 24 pound  Vasa. It's worth it. ČT:  HERE or the web link Vasa Museum HERE  .
26. Januat 2015 New kit in Photogalery
2. Januar 2015 New books about ship Bonhomme Richard 1779
1. Januar 2015 I put pictures of new photo etchings
16. December 2014 I make new page Brig of war
13. December 2014 I updated the page nice model of La Grande Hermine, there are new types of etchings - offer new clamp deadeyes, better manufactured ship hooks. Constantly expanding range of sails and flags.
11. November 2014 Another extension deals! Added carronade 25 mm, wood barrels of height 16 mm, chain mesh 1mm. I added the missing goods from Amati.
19. October 2014 Again I widen offer. We now have printing on sails Columbus' fleet and English MoW, and flag for ship Victory, Constitution and Soleil Royal.
4. October 2014 In offer Accessories, Sails - is new set of sails for HMS Victory, 1:100, excellent sails sewed by The Practice of Sail making, 1794th.
18. September 2014 On webpage Books, between Anatomy of the Ship, is new title book - Cutter Alert 1777.
10. September 2014 On offer is now, too Offset ring needles and Cloves in Old copper color, and Artist wire 0,3mm
6. September 2014 During August was added description of the ship La Capricone, and now it is already including a plan
4. September 2014 New info about Pirate flags between Flags
2. September 2014 I'm sorry, I too no commented the expansion site, but health status brzil me in many ways.
Still, I want to draw attention to the ever-expanding range of set of sails and flags. For example flags for Soleil Royal.
16. Jul 2014 Thanks modelers Jirka I have the opportunity to present to download photos ship of Cutty Sark and other photos of this model. All for inspiration recommend. Photos can be downloaded HERE
28. Jun 2014 Again new photo on Photogalery
16. Jun 2014 On the accessories I finally added Flag. You can watch and particular take shop HERE. Also note that still expanding assortment of sails and flag. And if you have any desire outside the menu, let us know!
7. Jun 2014 Again new photo on Photogalery
2. Jun 2014 Again are new photo of kits in Photogalery . Look at on kit Le Superbe by Zdenek, where are photo with finished kit
27. Maj 2014 Now photo of kits in Photogalery 
8. May 2014 New page with kit Cutty Sark by IMAI
1. May 2014 I added plan of Kanrin Maru
14. March 2014 New photo kit Gouda in photogalery
16. November 2013 Best new!! Discount 20% on ll kits by Victory a Amati Models as demended before 27. November 2013

27. October 2013

In photogalery are new nice photo Spanish Galleon
12. September 2013 I set up on website FORUM. I believe that the ability to insert and comments will enrich the content of website.
Remember, before you insert or post comments REGISTER or LOGIN
Registration and Login option in the lower belt in right - REGISTRATION, LOGIN
Registration is very easy.
5. September 2013 New photo in Photogalery Le Superbe and Black Falkon
31. August 2013 I make new information on ship Discovery and Sea Witch
1. August 2013 I open a new block of pages with workflow today. First from it is: How to tie blocks on a rope
28. Jul 2013 I added new photos in kits Brigantine, Pourquoi Pas a Occident .
21. Jul 2013 This day there was an increase in prices CNC blocks. For this reason, most offers accessories for models have invalid prices at blocks. Request new calculation, or count in based on the current price list.
14. Jul 2013 Between monografie is new book about The Four-Masted Barque Lawhill
7. Jul 2013 Today I bring new information about kit Cap Horn with plan
22. May 2013 I managed to buy a hight collector's rarity - Gallease ship by IMAI and Mataro by Heller.  And models which are often extraordinarily on stock as, English Mo'W, Pourquoi Pas, Bimere ImperatorIf you are interested in models that are rarities, use it!
14. May 2013 New page with kit Mayflower 1:83 by Revell. I will write soon more details, photo and plan.
8. May 2013 Complete reconstruction webpage of model the Roman Emperors Trireme. Thank you modelers Ivan for support of photo with kit and plan.
28. April 2013 Upgrade page with kit Alcyon.
26. April 2013 We now have plan of Spanish Galleon by IMAI including a offers of accessories. And I upgrade page of kit, USS Kearsarge including plans.
24. April 2013 In section Knihy (Books) is new bibliography - The Four-Masted Barque Lawhill
14. April 2013 News photo in Photogalery
5. April 2013 Now is possibility buy Phote- etched Hooks and Eyelets with Black patina
1. April 2013 Newly I provide information here about changes on my website, you don't need to search for news. Unfortunately, I will provide most of information only in Czech.
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