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Flags always decorate the ship. Quality, realistic looking flag a beautify yours model. Flags are relevance of historical facts. Flags are from very fine synthetic cloth called NIKO. Are produced via sublimation printing and have very realistic, saturating color. 

Flags are printed on one side, axially symmetrical, so it is necessary to glue it. Recommended procedure how prepared and use flags HERE!
The ability to print on demand. Just send demand, pattern.
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01PL80 Canvas on sails width 80cm - lenght 10cm 1,0 0,95 X    
02PL160 Canvas on sails width 160cm - lenght 10cm 2,0 1,95 X    
  Flags, printing on sails - to order
  Flags per order - price per query.
GL  Glue for flags 1,0 0,95 X    Lepidlo-cores-2
  Flags, printing on sails          
F008 Alabama. 1:96, set of flags 7,0 6,7 x    
F078 Batavia 1:150, set of flags 3,6 3,4 x  
F074 Constitution. 1:96, set of flags 11 10 X  
F083 Cutty Sark, set of flag, 1:100 5,8 5,6 X  
F002 France Royal flafs, set of 5 flags, 1:72     x descri.
F048 Glorieux, Superbe, set og flags, 1:150 5,2 5,0 X    
F043 Golden Hind, 1:110; set of flags 5,2 5 X  
F123 Kearsarge, 1:96, set of flag 4,8 4,4 x  
F069 Nina set of flag, 1:75 4,2 4,0 X  
F036 Phenix, Sirene, 1:150, set of flag 5,2 5 X  
F068 Pinta,  set of flag, 1:75


4,0 X  
F151 Pirate flags, 1:72, set for Black Pearl, pirate ..
5,8 5,6 X descri.
F062 Prince,  set of flag, 1:180 - Airfix 6,5 6,3 X  
F061 Royal Sovereing,  set of flag, 1:168 - Airfix 5,8 5,6 X  
F067 Santa Marie,  set of flag, 1:75 5,8 5,6 X  
F002 Soleil Royal, set of 5 Royals flags, 1:100 11 10 x descri.
F082 Spanish galleon - 1588,  set of flag, 1:100 5,2 5 X  
F084 Thermopylae,  set of flag, 1:100 8,5 7 X  
F001 Victory, 1:100, set of flags  11 10 X  
FA001 Victory, Nelson's signal from trafalgar 11 10 X  
F089 Wasa, 1:150, set of flags, Revell, Airfix
11 10 X  
  Next flags I will preparing       
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx

The recommended procedure for sticking flags:
- If the flag is not perfectly straight, vyžehlíme no more hot a warm iron.
- Roughly cut out flag
- Mark the center and crook, preferably along the ruler
- If necessary - to bend be glued long enough rope for tethering flags. Sticking we can make a gel glue Glue stick or superglue.
- Gluing perform most ordinary gel adhesive paper Glue stick! - after smearing Glue stick on one half,  accurately mete and press down.
- Cut out the flag to the final shape. It would then go nemnělo identify that these are two bonded layers of canvas.
- Finally, the flag differently shaped into a realistic appearance, shape and to fixed. Here is the ideal spray matte acrylic varnish


- Strong wet with water and other solutions, strong abrasio by  fingers, etc. - is smeared colors on the flag!
- Production of acetone-based printing on flag dissolves completely!
- Seller shall not be liable in any way for any damage to the product by the buyer!

With proper care, and compliance with recommended procedures and get a beautiful add-ins.

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