Accessory - blocks

Notes and explanations to the table:
- X - on stock
x - goods in transit
- O - of stock
- Price with kit - price of blocks and accessories with kit
- There are blocks and possibly their use in attached photos
For most of the models I have prepared draft of necessary amount of fitting. Block and rigging position plan is add to this draft. Most of plans are original to that model.
When ordering, please pay attencione of the name and code of the product to avoid any misunderstanding!
Price pulleys is shown in thousandths EU and used to calculate the total price, which is then rounded up to the tenths EU.
Example of use block and other accessories is HERE


Name of product

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Photo of access.

Photo use of access.
  Blocks for standing rigging          
  Deadeyes block
      exm. HERE 
DD2,5 Deadeye Ø2,5mm 0,139 0,125 X
DD3,5 Deadeye Ø3,5mm 0,119 0,107 X  
DD5 Deadeye Ø 5mm 0,119 0,107 X  
DD7 Deadeye Ø 7mm 0,119 0,107 X  
TD3plast Triang. D. 3mm - plast bl. 22pcs 0,875 0,833 X
TD5 Triangular Deadeye 5mm 0,167 0,154 X  
TD7 Triangular Deadeye 7mm 0,167 0,154 X    
  Heard Block     01-kladka-srdce  
H8-Am Heard Block 8mm - Amati 0,625 0,583 X    

CNC Heard Block 6mm



H8 CNC Heard Block 8mm 1,042 0,992 X  
H10 CNC Heard Block 10mm 1,208 1,150 X    
H12 CNC Heard Block 12mm 1,417 1,346 X  
  Blocks for running rigging          
  Single Block 01-kladka-1-jednoducha
SB1/2 CNC Single Block 1/2mm 0,219 0,204  
SB1/3 CNC Single Block 1/3mm 0,200
0,186 X


CNC Single Block 1/4mm 0,200 0,186 X    
SB1/5 CNC Single Block 1/5mm 0,200 0,186 X
SB1/6 CNC Single Block 1/6mm 0,214 0,199 X    
SB1/7 CNC Single Block 1/7mm 0,214 0,199 X Royal Caroline-1:47
SB1/8 CNC Single Block 1/8mm 0,238


SB1/9 CNC Single Block 1/9mm 0,238 0,221 X    
SB1/10 CNC Single Block 1/10mm 0,238 0,221 X  
SB1/12 CNC Single Block 1/12mm 0,500 0,475 X    
  Double Block 01-kladka-1-dvojita
DB2/2 CNC Double Block 2/2mm 0,238 0,221  
DB2/3 CNC Double Block 2/3mm 0,200 0,186 X    

CNC Double Block 2/4mm

0,219 0,204 X  
DB2/5 CNC Double Block 2/5mm 0,238 0,221 X    
DB2/6 CNC Single Block 2/6mm 0,238 0,221 X    
DB2/7 CNC Double Block 2/7mm 0,238 0,221 X  
DB2/8 CNC Double Block 2/8mm 0,286 0,266 X    
DB2/10 CNC Double Block 2/10mm 0,286 0,266 X  
DB2/14 CNC Single Block 2/14mm 0,583 0,554 X    
  Triple Block 01-kladka-1-trojita
TB3/3 CNC Triple Block 3/3mm


0,257 X    
TB3/4 CNC Triple Block 3/3mm


0,238 X    
TB3/5 CNC Triple Block 3/5mm 0,300 0,279 X  
TB3/7 CNC Triple Block 3/7mm 0,333 0,310 X  
TB3/10 CNC Triple Block 3/10mm 0,333 0,310 X  
TB3/14 CNC Single Block 3/14mm 0,583 0,554 X    
  Other Wood block Single, Double and Triple with size from 3 to 15 mm, one by one mm, where aren't on price list - on order!
  Violin, Sheed and Ramsh. Block 01-kladka-kladkostrojova exm. HERE 
CNC VB7 CNC Violin Block 6 mm 0,905 0,841 X 01-violin-04r  
CNC VB8 CNC Violin Block 8 mm 0,905 0,841 X    
CNC VB9 CNC Violin Block 9 mm
1,095 1,019 X 01-violin-05r  
CNC VB11 CNC Violin Block 11 mm
1,059 1,019 X    
CNC SB6 CNC Sheed Block 6 mm
0,905 0,841 X 01-otezove-01r  
CNC SB8 CNC Sheed Block 8 mm
0,905 0,841 X 01-otezove-03r  
CNC SB10 CNC Sheed Bl. 10 mm
1,059 1,019 X  
CNC SB12 CNC Sheed Bl. 12 mm
1,059 1,019
X 01-otezove-04r  
RB8 Ramshead Block 8mm 0,500 0,458 X  
RB12 Ramshead Block 12mm 0,500 0,458 X    
  Cording roller          
CR2,5 Cording roller 2,5mm 0,117 0,104 X 01-polokladky-valcove-04  
CR3,5 Cording roller 3,5mm 0,117 0,104 X  
CR5 Cording roller 5mm 0,117 0,104 X    
  Brass blocks          
  Description of montage: Here       Rb-model-102-25-14
102 25 Brass single block 5mm
- set 4pcs
4,40 4,20 X
102 30 Brass single block 6mm
- set 4pcs
4,20 4,00      
108 25 Brass double block 5mm
- set 4pcs
4,70 4,50


  Is possibility per orders single and double blocks of size: 6,7,8 and 9mm          
  Belaying pin and cleat       exm. HERE 
BP6 Belaying pin 6 mm
0,092 0,083 X Soleil Royal-Heller-1:100
BP8 Belaying pin 8 mm 0,092 0,083 X Soleil Royal-Heller-1:100
BP10 Belaying pin 10 mm 0,092 0,083 X   Soleil Royal-Heller-1:100
BG10 Belaying a cleat - easy to make adjustments 10 mm
0,138 0,125 X  
BCM5 Belaying metal 5mm 0,375 0,350 X  
BCM7 Belaying metal 7mm 0,417 0,388 X  
BCM12 Belaying metal 12mm 0,417 0,388 X    
xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Notes and explanations to the table:
- Block CNC - Block manufactured computer-controlled high-speed cutter guarantees high visual and dimensional stability.
- The Block CNC manufactured for 1, 2 and 3 ropes and all in sizes from 2 mm by 1 mm to 10 mm! So if you interested in a different size than I usually have, it can be delivered on request.
- Triangular Block 3mm - plastic. 22pcs Molding - Plastic Molding with 22 pieces of triangular Block 3 mm high. Recommend, however, Block bonded like a "back to back". They created a groove as in normal wooden Blocks. After sticking it is need to drill new hole 0.5 mm for ropes.
- Belaying pins - I recommend for models in scale 1:150 and higher.
Belaying a cleat - easy to make adjustments

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