Accessory - Amati rope

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  Amati  rope, diameter/lenght
N10/40 Natural color rope 0,1mm/ 40m
2,083 1,875 X  
N25/100 Natural color rope 0,25mm/ 100m 5,000 4,500 X  
N25/20 Natural color rope 0,25mm/ 20m 1,667 1,500 X  
N50/100 Natural color rope 0,5mm/ 100m 6,250 5,625 X  
N50/20 Natural color rope 0,5mm/ 20m 1,875 1,667 X  
N75/20 Natural color rope 0,75mm/ 20m 2,292 2,083 X  


Natural color rope 1mm/ 20m


2,458 X  

 Natural color rope 1,3mm/ 20m

 3,750 3,458 X  
B25/20 Black color rope 0,25mm/ 20m 1,667 1,500 X  
B50/20 Black color rope 0,5mm/ 20m 1,875 1,667 X  
B75/20 Black color rope 0,75mm/ 20m 2,292 2,083 X  
B100/20 Black color rope 1mm/ 20m 2,708 2,458 X  

Black color rope 1,3mm/ 20m

3,750 3,458  

Black Nylon rope 0,18mm/40m


CH1 Chain with eyelets 1mm long 1m 5,0 4,667  
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx
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