The provider web host abolished the capability to download books. Apparently he overloads communication link excessive downloads. Therefore, if you have a  interested in a book, send me email on my address . I'll send it over some web storage.

Books with
technical descriptions and ship modeller

Author Name of book Size ZIP/DPF
Brian Lavely Arming and fitting of english ship of war 1600-1815 293MB
Wolfram zu Mondfeld Historic Ship Models 100MB
John Franklin Navy Board ship model 1560 - 1750 66MB
R.C. Andreson Rigging of the ships in the days of spri..., 1600-1720 124MB
Lennart Petersson Rigging Period Ship Models 69MB
Lennart Petersson Rigging_Period_Fore-and-aft_Craft 98MB
Jean-Claude Lemineur Les Vaisseaux du Roi Soleil 240MB
K.Ch. Markvardt Рангоут, такелаж и паруса судов XVIII века 353MB
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Books with a nautical theme

Author Name of book Size ZIP/DPF
Pierre Henri Strater A bord des grands voiliers du XVIII 114MB
Artur C. Montgomery Baltimol Clipper - manual for Jefferson Davis 26MB
Mark Lardas Bonhomme Richard versus Serapis 6MB
David R. MacGregor Brinish & American Clippers 165MB
August Constam British Napoleonic Ship Of The Line 26MB
August Constam Buccaneers 1620-1700 30MB
Andrew Lambert War at Sea in the Age of Sail 1650-1850 91MB
August Constam Elizabethan Sea Dogs 1560-1605 48MB
Stephen ThurnBull Fighting Ships of the Far East 1 38MB
Stephen ThurnBull

Fighting Ships of the Far East 2

Spencer C. Tucker

Handbook of 19th Century Naval Warfare

Jean Boudriot

History of the French Frigate 1650-1850

Chris Henry Napoleonic Naval Armaments 1792-1815 39MB
Nicholes Tracy Nelson's Battles 113MB
Philip Haythornwaite Nelson's Navy 54MB
August Constam Pirates 1660-1730 15MB
August Constam Privateers & Pirates. 1730-1830 18MB
August Constam Renaissance War Galley 1470-1590 20MB
S. B. Luce Seamanship - námořní příručka U.S. Navy 1891 54MB
August Constam Spanish Galleon 1530-1690 34MB
Alexander Stilwell The Trafalgar Companion 35MB
August Constam Tudor Warships (1) Henry VIII’s Navy 19MB
Robert Gardnier The Age of Galleys 155MB
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Monografie of Ships

Author Name of book Size ZIP/DPF
G.A. Grebenšikova 12 Apoštolů 26MB
Karl Heinz Marquardt Beagle 70MB
Brian Lavery Belona - Anatomy of the Ships 82MB
Jean Boudriot Bonhomme Richard 1779 35MB
John McKay Bounty - Anatomy of the Ships 10MB
Peter Goodwin Cutter Alert 1777 - Anatomy of the Ship 77MB
Karl Heinz Marquardt Endeavour 43MB
  Frigate Diana - Anatomy of the Ships 47MB
Gérard Delacroix L' Aurore, corvette 1766 - 1775 246MB
Vincenzo Lusci La Couronne 144MB
Belacroix - Berti La Diligente - Tartane do Roi - 1738-1761 162MB
Jean Boudriot La Jacinthe Schooner 1825 148MB
J. McKay, R. Coleman
Pandora - Anatomy of the Ships 60MB
Herman Ketting Prins Willem 103MB
Brian Lavery Susan Constant 1605 72MB
Xavier Pastor Ship of Chrystopher Columbus - Anatomy.. 127MB
K.H. Marquardt The 44 gun frefate USS Constitution 114MB
John McKay The 100-Gun Ship Victory 10MB
Peter Goodwin The Bomb Vessel Granado 1742 57MB
Edward & Anderson & Cookson The Four-Masted Barque Lawhill 74MB
S. Bellabarba a G. Sculati The Royal Yacht Caroline 1749 39MB
Björn Landströn The Royal Warship Vasa 85MB
Jean Boudriot The Seventy-Four Gun Ship vol.1 122MB
Jean Boudriot The Seventy-Four Gun Ship vol.2 112MB
Jean Boudriot The Seventy-Four Gun Ship vol.3 196MB
Wolfgang Quinger Wappen von Hamburg 14MB
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Рангоут, такелаж и паруса судов XVIII века

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