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Zdravím, chtěl jsem se zeptat, jak se ti daří udržovat dlouhodobě lodě čisté? Nejsem extra zkušený modelář, ale lodě mne baví, jenže je to za chvíli pplné prachu a z ráhnoví to je velice těžko sundávat
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I've a HMS Victory kit that I've been waiting to build. The veneer deck and CNC Sewn sails would be perfect. What is the price for each?
Thank You,
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Dobrý deň, mám záujem o knihu Bellona Anathomy of the Ship. Kde sa dá kúpiť aká je cena?
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Great Site. Lots of Good resources and Beautiful Ships.
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I have completed two Revell kits one of Thermopylae (as Pedro Nunes) which I built in 1972 and most recently in 2016 Cutty Sark (Revell 1:96 Kit H364 995). The Cutty Sark Kit was a 1960 version which I picked up on Ebay in 2015. I have to say it was a challenge working with such old materials but the result was very good.
Don Anderson
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Please send your word document to me at garrynaples@hotmail.com

Thank you
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I like to look-in every once and a while, what a great site keep it up.
There's a couple of ships I want to get from you.
Thanks Jeff
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Great page
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Everybody hate fractures
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Am new to this site and am returning to serious plastic kit modelling after a long time doing other things.

Many years ago I built the Cutty Sark model from Revell - the 1/96 scale version.  It took me an age but it was a truly beautiful finished result.  Unfortunately it was so badly damaged in a houdsehold accident that I had little alternative but to throw the wreckage away.

Now I want to do that model all over again but I see many sellers offering it at prices that are so varied that I wonder who is selling what.  More importantly though, I have read some reviews that claim this kit as sold now is not of good quality. 

Can anyone comment or advise me as to the real state of this model.  I understand it is being made from moulds that are old and worn - and that many parts don't fit where they should.

Comments would be welcomed please

David Price  2 Feb 2018
Your website is very interested. Thank you!
Great web!